The climatic change represents a threat unavoidable and with potential irreversible effects. In the current economic period, the globalization increases in a significant way the no balanced use of finite energetic resources no renewable.

The aim of this study is to describe the main characteristic of the sustainable companies, sustained in ideals and committed values with the development of the planet, consuming fewer resources of which generate.

The sustainable companies are based in two fundamental principles as the environment (renewable energetic resources, sustainable development, preservation of the environment, responsible consumption of energy, minimization of emissions, ecoefficiency, circular economy) and the mobility (public transport community, electrical vehicle, systems of clean mobility and no motorized).

Through the theoretical review of the main studies related, concludes the need of sustainable companies that compatible the business development with the environment and the protection of the planet. At the same time, the companies must to be intelligent, directed by leaders that promote the use of the technology of the information and the communication like half to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Likewise, the companies have to be inclusive, contributing to the very common and at the same time generating economic profits. In conclusion, the society requires companies that lead by the sustainable development to advance to a new ethical and business politics.


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