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Why we want to change the capitalist way to do business

In today’s economic environment, companies are increasingly adopting competitive strategies to counter the growing threat of a new economic market based on emerging countries with low production costs. To this end, they are developing complex relocation and internationalization processes to combat effects on traditional local production.

Economic and financial crises are becoming more frequent, profound and global and their impact is mainly in the social sphere. In this context, the economic slowdown has significantly increased the number of people in situations of poverty and exclusion, who have fewer resources av
ailable to them as they receive less social protection and fewer welfare benefits. The crisis has led to the destruction of thousands of jobs, a more precarious labour market and a significant increase in foreclosures and evictions: a social impact that directly affects the living conditions of the most disadvantaged.

This economic and social situation has accelerated the search for alternative economic models capable of minimizing the effects of the crisis and overcoming the gaps existing in the current capitalist system. This author states that in order to manage companies, there is a need for corporate policies and values that fit with a sustainable social, economic and environmental corporate culture. Companies whose mission is based on ideals and values committed to people and the planet contribute to the common good while generating similar profits to other companies.

Vusiness companies operate in the market with a sense of accountability, transparency, democracy, participation and ethics; taking care of people and planet and using technology for improve quality of life.


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