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Business worried about people

In the current environment the world-wide economy has suffered a serious and fast deceleration that affects fundamentally the more vulnerable social sectors, generating unemployment and deficit of decent work.

To overcome the current economic system source of inequality and exclusion, the inclusive companies generate opportunities for development and have the aim to improve the quality of life of the people that suffer social exclusion.

The aim of this study is to describe the main characteristic of the inclusive companies that base in four fundamental principles as are values, teams management, corporate social responsibility and responsible marketing. Through the theoretical review of the main studies related, concludes the need of inclusive companies that contribute to the very common and at the same time generate economic profits.

At the same time, the companies have to be intelligent, championed by leaders that promote the use of technologies of the information and the communication as a way to improve quality of life of the citizens.

Likewise, companies have to be sustainable, juggling business development with the environment and the protection of the planet. In definite, society requires companies that post by the inclusive development in order to advance to a new ethical and business politics.


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