About Us

Who We Are?

The University of Girona conducts research into economic growth and sustainable development. Vusiness [derived from the word business but with a “v” for values] is an observatory that promotes the open, democratic, sustainable and inclusive companies that must inspire the future, with the collaboration of the ARPA Research Group, part of the University of Girona’s Philology and Communication Department (Barcelona-Europe).
The Vusiness model aims to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability, which is why Vusiness companies are based on three elements: smartness, sustainability and inclusivity.


Research partners

University of Girona do research in order to be able to transfer all the knowledge to the society and business. We coordinate a net of spanish language papers called Platcom. This net is composed by TecCom Studies, Mediterránea, Redes.com, Pangea, Mhcj, Index, Latina, Fotocinema, Fonseca, Ciber, Communication Papers, Comunicaçao & Sociedade, Sphera Publica y Zer.


We develop the educational aim with High School Montilivi of Girona. Moreover, we have contact with Down España, Konsac Group, Fundació ONCE, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat de Vic and Fundació Princesa de Girona.


About Entrepreneurship we have contact with Diputació de Girona, Smart Catalonia, Generalitat de Catalunya and Catalunya Emprèn.


About Business we have contact with Generalitat de Catalunya, Suara Cooperativa, Acc10, La Fageda, Fundació Cercle d’infraestructures, GoodGut, Patronat de Turisme, Greenpeace, La Vinyeta, Cittaslow and PIMEC.

International Network

We are searching for sinergies arount the world. The Vusiness network has been presented in Harvard University, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Suffolk University Boston, Boston College, Emerson College and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Institutional support


Our Team

Dra. Carmen Echazarreta

Chief Researcher

Doctor for the University of Barcelona and teacher of the University of Girona. She is Vice-dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the UdG. Graduate in Prehistory and Ancient History for the University of Barcelona, in Sciences of the Information for the University Autònoma of Barcelona, and in Studies of the Oriental Asia for the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. It has realised several studies of Master and postgraduate in Communication and education, in Management of the communication to the organisations and in Design of multimedia materials.

Mr. Albert Costa


Business assistant. Creation, growing and consolidation. Management and direction of people and teamwor. Management by values. Talent detection. Leathership. Personnel Recruitment and Selection. Economic and finance management. High direction in quality. Maketing and communication. Degree in Psychology, Publicity and Public Relations, Audio-visual and Grade in Communication. Internationa Marketing for ESIC Business School. Teacher in the University of Girona.

Mrs. Maribel Domínguez

Education Area

Degree in Law for the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. Master in Direction and Management of Public Centres for the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate in Content and Language Integrated Learning (AICLE Methodology). Course of Pedagogical Aptitude in the speciality of English. Teacher for the Generality of Catalonia in the High School Montilivi of Girona in the speciality 501 (Administration of Companies). Teacher in assessment in business, companies constitution, business plan. Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Commision in the High School Montilivi of Girona.



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